Playing with the kid on the floor when a lightbulb melted and hit me.

Playing with the kid on the floor when a lightbulb melted and hit me.


Bizarre, was it an led bulb?


Yep! Edit: purchased from Lowes. Manufacturer is Utilitech. They no longer sell this particular bulb. I agree with many posters here that this is likely the adhesive not the actual bulb, but still a shit product. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Utilitech-60-Watt-EQ-A15-Warm-White-Dimmable-LED-Light-Bulb/1000209969 2nd edit: The electrical is fine. I am not suing. Yes I have reported to manufacturer, Lowes, and CPSC.


Do you still have the model number by chance?


I have the base which has a serial number. Called the company and they have no idea what I'm talking about. I talked about it in another thread.


Is it operated by a dimmer switch? I made the mistake of installing non-dimmable LED bulbs in my dimmable pendant lights—they started doing some weird stuff


Yes dimmer switch. It is a dimmable bulb.




I'll have to look into it. Happened to have the box for the switch, instructions say to not use with flourescent bulbs. That seems to be the only restriction.


There is a chance that the manufacturer of the switch just hasn't bothered updating their box in a long long time.




Every other bulb in that fixture was cool to the touch. I'm not saying it's not worth investigating, but I'm also inclined to believe it's a shitty product.


I had this happen with an incandescent bulb a coupe of years ago. No dimmer switch, nothing. Several months later the house burned down because of bad wiring. The fire did start in another room, but still.


Any chance the switch predates the common availability of LED lights? They wouldn't mention a restriction on them if they weren't on the market yet.


It's possible. Was purchased last year though so I doubt it.


Shouldn't the LED driver be limiting its own current draw?


Yep, a switch does not send wattage, it closes and open a circuit.


Well, a dimmer switch does more than that.


Yes, but the drivers of shitty sweat shop manufactured bulbs...


. . . suggest that this is a manufacturing defect and not an installation error.


This is not true. There are multiple types of ways dimmers dim. Most are standard phase aka forward phase. These are standard incandescent lights. However lots of standard over the counter LED dim this way now due to these being the easiest dimmer to retro fit into and the technology is very cheap now a days. The other main type is electronic low-voltage or reverse phase dimming. These are pretty common in lights that aren’t typical a9 lightbulbs and have a solid state transformer for the low voltage aspect. There are other types of dimming as well like MLV and some speciality dimming (fluorescent or 0-10) but you wouldn’t really run into this. It however would never use “more than 4x the wattage” because that’s just not how electricity works. Wattage is the power it consumes. So a 4watt lightbulb isn’t going to ever consume more than that unless there’s an actual defect in it. It doesn’t matter if you hook it up to the wrong dimmer the light just won’t dim correctly, or it will flicker or hardly dim or even buzz. This isn’t going to cause anything to over heat but it may shorten the life of the bulb or the dimmer. Source: have been installing professional residential lighting systems for 15+ years.


this doesn't seem right?


Wattage doesn't get sent, it's available. A device only uses the current it needs regardless of how much is available.


That is absolutely not how electricity works. At standard voltage things draw electricity, it does not push. That's why a 3 watt LED works fine in a 60 watt socket. It only draws what it needs. Edit: watt


This is incorrect. You cannot push watts down a wire, you can only provide them. This LED diffuser melted because it has bad thermal management design.


I'm not entirely sure this is how electricity works. The dimmer switch only changes the resistance of the circuit, and can only allow mains voltage or below.


not exactly, a dimmer switch [changes the duty cycle](http://www.lamps-on-line.com/media/wysiwyg/blog/trailing-edge-dimming.jpg) of the AC passed to the bulb, not the resistance.


No. This is not how electricity works


WRONG. Don’t spread misinformation if you don’t understand electricity. The bulb limits the current draw, not the dimmer.




Oh man, i’m currently on one of the biggest construction projects in America. All of our temporary light stringers were using these bulbs. I’d say about one and every 10 bulbs is melting this way. Seems to be a pretty widespread problem. Whatever glue they use to mate the two pieces of bulb is just really cheap, or not heat resistant. So we will no longer be purchasing these haha


Good to know! Glad it's not just a me problem and is reproducible.


Ah... the ol "play dumb" technique. I'm sure you're the only person ever in the history of their products to have this happen.


Dude, companies can be sneaky pricks about defective products. I got this Soleus Air portable AC second-hand. Ended up having an error code that meant it had a bad thermistor. Well... I took it out and tested it and it was fine. Tested everything else and found out the refrigerant was leaked out, so the error code is a catch all so they can say, and I quote customer service here, "Oh it's a bad heat sensor. Sorry we don't service these, and you can't buy one anywhere." That's how they prevent you from getting the 5 year warranty on the compressor because the 1 year warranty (which was already expired) covers everything else. Basically, never buy a product that is meant to be thrown away. Soleus Air/Chigo doesn't have a service department or even a service manual for most of their products.


How can you be sure that the product you buy isn't meant to be thrown away? Do you now research a company's service department before big purchases? [I hope this doesn't come off snarky, I genuinely would like to know how to pick a product that will last/isn't "disposable" by default.]


>they have no idea what I'm talking about. “What is a light… *bulb?”* This is why you don’t buy Amish lightbulbs.


What was the company? All my lights are LEDs and I’m worried now.


Utilitech, this particular bulb was manufactured for Lowes.


Utilitech are a known budget brand. They sell in bulk and have looser quality control than a "name brand" like phillips. The glue melting on one out of ten bulbs or so doesnt surprise me at all.


Oh man, i’m currently on one of the biggest construction projects in America. All of our temporary light stringers are use in these bulbs. I’d say about one and every 10 bulbs is melting this way. Seems to be a pretty widespread problem. Whatever glue they use to mate the two pieces of bulb is just really cheap, or not heat resistant. So we will no longer be purchasing these haha


I love how cool my LED bulbs are to the touch. I was unpleasantly shocked when I found out not all of them stay cool. The bases get as hot as incandescent bulbs (EDIT: not literally, *dammit)* sometimes. Hard to see how they cost "pennies per year" with that much heat output.


They have comparatively way less heat output. Incandescent bulbs produce so much heat they make a little metal wire glow white, which is the point.


The hot base of an LED bulb is usually metal or backed with metal, intended to carry heat away from the working parts. Because it does conduct heat well, it feels way hotter than other materials (for example, glass) at the same temperature would. Incandescent bulbs will heat up the entire fixture they're installed in, and even the room they're in besides.


LED bulbs are cool to the touch, but they require power converters in the base of the bulb, as LEDs run on low voltage DC, and if that’s cheaply made and doesn’t have a good heat sink, it can get very very hot


Normal incandescent bulbs convert about 90% of the power they draw into heat.


That was how they made EZ Bake ovens work back in the day. You cooked over an incandescent bulb because they got hot enough.


What do they use now? LED's and sadness?


nah the heatsink part of an LED bulb will never get hotter than about 80C, usually closer to 60C -- painfully hot to touch but won't burn anything. Incandescent bulbs got much hotter, over 150C in some parts, and only that low because the glass wasn't designed to carry heat -- it's mostly passive to it. The light-emitting part of an incandescent bulb is about 2500C, vs about 90C for an LED bulb.


Cheap LED bulbs have poorly designed power converters that dissipate a lot of heat, and the bulb package isn't designed with proper heat sinks to radiate the heat away. Honestly I'm surprised this doesn't happen to more people 😕




Unfortunately "expensive" bulbs also overdrive, Philips ones for instance. Source: recent BigClive videos on YouTube.


I really want to get a hold of the Dubai LEDs Clive showed a few months ago, they looked superb.


Overdrive the LEDs and force them to burn out faster, making people buy more often? Say it's not so!


I wonder what LED to this happening.




Be glad it wasn’t an lead bulb. Those suckers hurt.


There are many types of bulbs: incandescent (i.e. heated element get's white hot), fluorescent (gas get's excited and emits light), LED (a solid state device the emits photons by way of an energy level shift), etc. A big difference between LED and any of the other types of bulbs is that LEDs are "solid state" devices that run on DC voltage. The line voltage is an AC voltage which must be rectified before being fed to the LED. It is this conversion process that generates heat in an LED bulb and also the main reason LED bulbs fail (i.e. not becuase the LED itself fails but its driver circuitry fails).


They are cranking the LEDs harder and harder so they can use fewer and so they burn out in a y ar rather than last 30-40 years.


Yep. Literally the opposite effect of one of their biggest marketing points when they first came out a decade or two ago.




I'm hoping I still have the box so I can do that. I agree it's defective, none of the other bulbs are hot.


There could be markings on the light itself too. But yeah, it would be the best thing to do to let a company know in situations like these


*Ill tell you...touch nothing*. American lightbulb, Russian light bulb ALL MADE SHITTY!


24 years later and I can still hear that in Peter Stormare's voice. "This is how we fix problems on Russian Spacestation!!"


They are made cheap. Sold high. Someone needs a third swimming pool.


Planned obsolescence




Had it happen twice. California forced new homes to have these special LED non-edison patented lightbulbs put in. Thankfully, these just melt when the active current regulator malfunctions.


Then it's not a bug. It's a feature. It tells you when the current regulator malfunctions.


Big brain moment


Quick, OP, melt some of that stuff directly into your eyeball, it could be worth millions!


We should delete this thread soon to cover the tracks.




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That light didn't happen to be on a dimmer switch, did it?


It is. The bulb claims to be compatible with dimmer switches.


So I learned the hard way that while these are "compatible with dimmer switches" it doesn't actually work with *all* dimmer switches, especially if they're more than like 10 years old.


Assembly and electric were installed last summer.


Either way if you replace the bulb and have a similar issue, you might have some screwy current issues from the dimmer switch.


I've thrown a new bulb I'm to watch while I'm home and awake today. The other bulbs are currently the same as the melted one and so far so good. Thanks for your input though =)


Neat. I probably have 30 of those bulbs in my house.


Well, now you know to watch for falling bulbs. For piece of mind the base wasn't hot, and the fall cooled the plastic. I would still be cautious though.


I thought we were supposed to be looking out for drop *bears* not drop bulbs.


I had a box of LED bulbs that blew out after only a few months, well before they were supposed to. Contacted the company, they sent coupons for the value of the bulbs. Always worth reaching out, a lot of companies are smart and know that a wee bit of good will goes a long way.


I called both manufacturer and retailer, provided every number I found on the base, and neither has this product on file.


Please notify the company and consumer product safety commission (or equivalent in your country). While it melted and did not catch fire (yet?), there should be a thermal fuse as a safety mechanism.


Update: Utilitech brand, which is sold through Lowes. It is no longer being sold according to the website. When I called they can't even find the item number. Wonder why it's no longer sold??


Yeah, I think they stopped manufacturing under that store brand a few years ago. Lowe's should still be on the hook for a refund/replacement IMO.


I dont have proof of purchase, just a broken lightbulb that nobody thinks ever existed. Product number isn't on file with Utilitech or Lowes.


Those lightbulbs are all now stored in Area 51. That's why Big Hardware Store tried so hard to stop the raid a few years ago.


Do you still have the card you bought it with? They can look up purchase history that way. If you pay with a card you generally don’t need the receipt at the big box hardware stores. Customer service can swipe your card and look it up


Honestly not sure when I purchased so it may be a different card. I got a new one a while back because my bank canceled mine automatically after some "suspicious" purchases (which were my wedding party's outfits bought through etsy.) Worth a shot though the next time I'm out.


Suspiciously bought a lightbulb that two companies claim never existed? I wonder how deep this rabbit hole goes.


“Oh you mean that white lightbulb with model number F1R38726?” “Yeah that’s the one.” “Yeah never heard of it.”


Go to CPSC.gov and see if there's any info. If not, submit a claim, if they get enough they can investigate and force a recall. If you bought it from Lowes, you need to call the local store to file a claim. I was injured from a recalled patio chair about a year ago, got to learn everything first hand.


Nobody was hurt, nothing is damaged. The base of the bulb was touchable with bare hands, plastic cooled during the fall. I called both manufacturer and retailer, provided every number I found on the base, and neither has this product on file. Thanks for the site though, I'll file something in case other people are still using these.


At a minimum they owe you a new one, and could've easily been worse if used in a different application. This is not an acceptable failure mode.


I hate that brand. They wear out early, don't dim without buzzing, and don't work in enclosed fixtures.


Never had a problem before. They don't buzz in my other light and I've only ever had them in ceiling fans that have open shades so I didn't have experience with that.


Buzzing tends to be dimmer compatibility issues. Using older dimmer switches that are for much larger loads than Led's use


Utilitech is shit tier everything. I've never seen batteries go bad that fast.


Didn't really know the brand, for most people a lightbulb is a lightbulb ya know?


I didn't know the brand when I got the batteries either. In fairness, I wouldn't expect what you got either.


“All original parts”? Who tf is modding lightbulbs?




OP needs to switch to Dubai bulbs!


Doobie bulbs


If you don't overclock them you're just leaving lighting on the table.




Very true - Had this recently happen with a 2 liter bottle of 7-Up that exploded without reason in my pantry. Pepsi paid to have it sent to them to figure out what happened and gave us about $50 in vouchers for Pepsi products. It was freaky when it happened as it was on the floor of the pantry so it wasn't as if it had fallen.


>They might even send you a new one or something. I get why they would do this, and I appreciate it when companies do, but sometimes the logic cracks me up. "Hey, your product hurt me." "Okay, here's another one. BWAAA, HA HA HAAAA!"


> They might even send you a new one or something. #HOLY SHIT FREE LIGHTBULB


It looks like the adhesive that holds the globe on to the base. Sometimes those globes are thermo-set plastic, so they don't remelt. Source: almost any bigclive lightbulb teardown.


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where did you get the kid and how old is the bulb?


I guess the kid was technically from husband. Bulb is from September this past year.


That bulb could have fell on your child and burned them. I'm glad your child and you are okay. As a parent, we do all that we can to protect them from harm,but no one thinks to make sure a light bulb doesn't over heat and drop down from the ceiling.


It could have, but all is well. Never thought I would have to check a lightbulb!


Oh I bet I know which ones these are. Lowe's was selling some cheap LED bulbs that were rated for 2,000 hours (!!!). Most LED bulbs are rated for 25,000 hours. Apparently some greedy idiot decided hey, rather than have an array of diodes, let's just have a few and pour the coals to them so they burn out right away! And no, this wasn't some clever cost saving measure to bring forth affordable LED bulbs to the masses, the savings would be negligible even on a huge scale, it was all about creating a bulb that wouldn't last so long.


Reminds me of [The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy](https://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-history/dawn-of-electronics/the-great-lightbulb-conspiracy).


Yeah, while the LED chip itself might last 50,000 hours, companies that make bulbs put the absolute cheapest electronics powering the chips into lights, meaning overheating in LED bulbs is very common, and more than likely, everyone's LED bulbs are going to fail after 5000 hours or so. Because light bulb manufacturers (obviously) don't want to actually sell you a bulb you'll never have to replace.


This one was definitely faulty, was new out of the box and only been in since September or so.


Manufacturers have a tendency to "overdrive" thier chips as well, meaning they pump more power through them then they can handle. It means more light out of a smaller LED chip, but also shortens the lifespan considerably (as well as the previously mentioned heat issues). But yeah, definitely looks like you had a defect in an already flawed design. I'm just glad for your sake it didn't start a fire.


Me too. Definitely replacing with a more reliable company.


I bought an LED bulb at Costco back when they weren’t as commonplace. It was something like $30 for one bulb. But I run that light 24/7 and it hasn’t failed yet. I somehow doubt my $1 IKEA LEDs are going to be so resilient…


It's not necessarily that they use the cheapest electronics to power the LEDs (though they very often do) it's that they all intentionally over drive the chips to make them brighter and die faster. If you modify the circuitry to send less power through the LED you can have them run significantly more efficiently and only slightly dimmer.


5000 hours? I have yet to have any bulb under 30 usd make it to 1000. And at over 30 usd I'm buying flourescents and fuck the led ewaste.


The best part is how LEDs are billed as so efficient because they don't get as hot as an incandescent. Most LED bulbs make more watts of heat than they do light but overall you get more light per watt than the incandescent. If bulbs were built with good power supplies they would be actually efficient and have the crazy long lifespans.


I love my Hue bulbs I bought back in 2014. I've moved twice and taken them with me each time. Not one of them has died. All my Wink bulbs did though. All through lightning storms where the power went out. Hue bulbs were fine and the Wink bulbs dropped like flies.


Welp, guess I'm never buying Utilitech light bulbs from Lowes from now on.


I think they phased out the brand. At the very least this product is gone.


Related: I was washing dishes in my studio apt when a 72W halogen screw base bulb in my floor lamp EXPLODED. It sounded like a gun going off and rained molten capsule remnants all over the room. The bits burned holes in my furniture and left scorch marks anywhere they landed. Fortunately, I was standing out of range at the opposite side of the room at the time.


Thats aggressive.


you must report it ASAP if it's melting it can cause the 🔥


Already did. Multiple comments where I discussed this =) it's a Lowes household brand, manufactured by Utilitech, and has been phased out. They didn't even have the product number on file when I called Utilitech customer service.


"if we delete the record that we ever made this, nobody can sue us!"


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Did they offer you anything? I had some GE led bulbs that started failing (overheating blackened inside) after only a few months. They sent me coupons for like $20.


Theyre pretty sure they product doesn't exist so no, no offers.


They’re pretty sure the product doesn’t exist? What a load of shit. Just because they don’t produce it any longer doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or that it isn’t their liability when their product fails.


I provided them every single number on the base and none of them are on file, both Lowes and Utilitech. Not sure what exactly leads to that but I don't have a receipt (because who saves a receipt for a cheap LED lightbulb.) I don't disagree with you, but its not worth my time for an LED lightbulb.


If it's a Utilitech then they don't actually make the bulbs. They are manufactured by another company and labeled as Utilitech. Just like off-brand groceries.


You would think they would at least have product numbers on file.


A lot of those numbers are used for in-house tracking at the manufacturer and the actual product number is printed on the box.


When I pop the number into Google it's the very first thing that appears. If I can find it through a quick search they can find it with actual product info.


Just as they planned


Perhaps the archives are incomplete


Either way, I have the base still and intend to hang onto it for a bit just in case I miss one of them in the house or anything like that.


Looks like you’re holding a jellyfish


Hmm. Are they supposed to do that?


First time I've seen it, but maybe all my other lightbulbs are broken and this is the only one that works.


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The key is to not use a plastic lightbulb!


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Gotta love the headache that comes with the burning plastic smell.


Did it enlighten you?


Too early in the day to tell.


Do you feel any dimmer?


Thankfully it's light out now, we're good until night time!


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"Have you or a loved one been knocked unconscious by debris falling from melted LED lightbulbs? You may be entitled to compensation!"


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Ive been paying attention to a lot of LED designs lately and although they may last "100,000 hourss", they design them that they get so hot that they fail early. This is a good example of said design. Its all about milking you for every dime.


Not so much mildly interesting as mildly concerning


The melted plastic gives the effect of smoke


Disagree with mods removing post for rule 6.


...And THAT's how IKEA can sell an LED bulb for $0.99


IKEA electronic stuff is actually made pretty well made normally. They are made to a cheap spec by the cheapest Chinese vendor. But they are kept to that spec. And just pure volume gives them the savings. It is house brand stuff you should worry about from say Lowe's or Walmart since they take Chinese designs and the cheapest vendor with no testing or verifying in the west that the design is good. Also they might change the design if it gets made cheaper with no testing.


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