Loot a billionaire's mansion?

Loot a billionaire's mansion?


The secret Wu-Tang album


Secret EPs produced by one "Young Dirty Bastard."


Young Cleanly Fellow


It's not as much fun, so feel free to ignore this, but honestly? Apart from Maybe something in a show-off area, the art would be really shitty. Mega-mansions are usually pretty bare, with the exception of the personal rooms of the owner and a couple big-screen TVs. Those huge spaces are insanely difficult to decorate or furnish, and it's all done for show by and for people with no taste, so stuff gets brought in for parties, then removed after, and otherwise it's basically a model house with slightly better furniture to dust. Art, in particular, is usually stored in a freeport if it's worth anything - even if that worth is through fake art appraisals.


A gallery room of Thomas Kinkade paintings?


T-Rex skeleton. Alternatively: a cloned T-Rex in the menagerie.


This amoral billionaire has to have a way to blow off steam. And there aren't limits to that. He's not constrained by decency or money, and the law tends to look the other way. What does an amoral man with such a polished public presentation indulge in in private? What are his dark hobbies? How did he start out exploring them? When that got boring, how did he spice it up? And up? And how does he keep it quiet?


This is an interesting direction, makes him feel more like a Bond villain, which I suppose is appropriate to the system.


Normal billionaires have trophy heads of animals they've killed stuffed and mounted on the walls. Supervillian billionaires should have a wall of human trophy heads. Most dangerous game and all that.


In edition: Maybe he has heads of former superheroes.


Glad to hear someone is playing Abberant still ❤️


With new second edition happening i hoped there would be an uptake in the games happening. Maybe after some more supplements happen, thou im not sure if there will be more after the kickstarter approved supplements. They could do more, for example the Dedalus Legue is a bridge to the aliens in Aeon setting. Still, i would like to get a Worldwide phase 3 or something along those lines. Also i wonder if the folks at RPGPost will produce anymore fan supplements. Or if fans will for Storypath Nexus on rpgdrivethrough. Here's hoping.


10 of the remaining 15 dodo feathers


Although the content is completely different however upon reading the heading I seriously thought that the discussion thread was about looting some rich guy!


When your reaction goes from “What the hell is wrong with people?!?” to “Oh, it’s a game. That sounds fun.”


* The original director's script for the moon landing, with Stanley Kubrick's handwritten notes in the margins * The Extinction Room, filled with the heads of the last examples of various species. There are slots with labels for animals that haven't quite gotten to that point yet. * Several kilos of cocaine cut with extraterrestrial dirt- Moon rock, martian soil, Europan algae, etc


The skull of Napoleon?


Stephen Hawkins wheelchair


A bunch of prison cells in the basement, each containing some "high value targets" who are on the top of some Most Wanted list as well as people who pissed him off. Plus torture equipment. The preserved and dissected corpses of some famous criminals or celebrities or guys with rare medical conditions that went mysteriously missing.


A room full of bad nude art. The type Playboy magazine thought was classy. Naked lady sculptures that hold lamps, Patrick Nagel prints, a stereo with boobies as dials. Thick white shag carpeting and tiger print couches. Playboy pinball maxing and a pool table made out of naked ladies. A plaque on the door says, “Gentlemen’s Game Room.” You don’t have to make it X-rated, just juvenile thinking it’s sophisticated.


The proof that he bought the last election and the current president is on his payroll. A big gallery of stolen artworks and also a canvas with easel, on which the billionaire tries to paint. An armory with customized weapons. Several fridges with clones of the billionaire.


Original Delorian from Back to The Future, Futuristic scuba gear, Gold push pins, A collection of shrunken raccoon heads, Taxidermy squirrel that is also a gun.