Djokovic d. Nadal 3-6 6-3 7-6 6-2

Djokovic d. Nadal 3-6 6-3 7-6 6-2


That third set was phenomenal.


Two titans of the sport going blow for blow for 4+ hours, unbelievable


This is probably the best match I've ever seen. Just pure joy to watch, a little less if you're a Nadal fan, but still can't argue with the quality of the play. The effort is just incredible.


Not seen the AO 2012 final I reckon?


Nah, this beats that in my book. Beating "king of clay" Nadal, after losing the first set, on clay, in Roland Garros, in a semi final. That's a complete new level there.


Eerily similar to the 3rd set of their Wimby 2018 semi. Such high stakes tennis at a set a piece. Novak prevailed in both in tiebreaks, and ultimately won both matches. Two absolute warriors.


Yup, had to save set point in both


Crazy good. Best level of tennis over past 2 years for sure.


I watched them batter the hell out of eachother in the US Open in 2012 and it’s honestly incredible they’re still producing this level nine years later.


Do you mean 2011 or 2013?


I think he actually means AO 2012. They definitely battered each other there.


That for my money was the best march ever to this day. Physically the most demanding match of all time at that quality.


Us Open 2011 final had some pretty insane rallies. It wasn't a brutally close 5 setter but wow were the points good.


Yeah AO 2012 was more dramatic but USO 2011 was one where you could put on the match at pretty much any point and see some absolutely ridiculous tennis.


> Us Open 2011 final had some pretty insane rallies. > > It wasn't a brutally close 5 setter but wow were the points good. I consider it one of the greatest hardcourt matches of all time. It's underrated because it didn't go 5 sets, but very few matches have produced points and games at that level.


You’re right. It was the 2011 final I was thinking of!


Novak is a monster. He was unfazed and never looked like he was running out of gas. Rafa was legit tired but Novak looked like he could go on and on


His endurance and his returns are unparalleled. Nothing gets past him.


He is scary. What a legend.


How can anyone look at this match and have as their main takeaway: “yeah, one of these guys is done”? Match thread was full of reactionary comments whenever one of them hit a ball wrong… in a formidable high stake match vis à vis a(nother) GOAT candidate. One had more than the other tonight, but not always, and the other is not dead ffs. Thankfully these guys don’t read our comments or they’d have the mental fortitude of a baby and would have retired at 16


They both played at a level that the rest of the tour can only dream of. Nadal will still be tg favorite next year even if Stefanos does some crazy shit


Crazy how everyone was making fun of Nole getting bageled


Longer than some three setter. Without a doubt one of the all time great sets.


Best tennis i've seen in years, if Nole is going to start winning Roland Garros now he is gonna end up with 30 grand slams lol


That third set will go down in history. One of the greatest sets of all time.


Best set of tennis I've ever watched


96 minutes.


Literally enough for it to be a movie


Longer than The Lion King by 8 minutes


I'm so fucking nervous for sunday. Tsitsipas will not be a cakewalk and he can go the distance.


I am speechless. What a match by Novak, and Rafael!


Noval is inevitable! 30-28


So Rafa has lost at RG in 2009, 2015 and now 2021... See you all in 2027 For real though, huge props to Novak, he's done the impossible again, what a machine!


4R -> QF -> SF. See you in the Roland Garros Finals 2027.


Rafa will be 41 by then right? That’d be crazy! Lol


...Would it be THAT crazy, though?


Funny how that's both something you'd brush off as impossible and also wonder how sure you can be that Nadal won't be competitive...


And he literally broke Nadal too Like Nadal had absolutely nothing else to give at the end


Unbelievable match... That third set will be classic.


3rd set was longer than whole match vs Berankis.


97 freaking minutes


This, in the same match where he was up 5-0 in first set. Just speaks volumes of Novak's performance this match.


Dude Djokovic was a friggin aimbot in the 4th set


Astonishing performance from Novak. One of the greatest match ever. We've witnessed history


It's really telling when you can count someone's defeats faster than their title wins lol


The mental fortitude of Djokovic with a crowd, that 1st set whitewashing, and almost losing it in the 3rd set. Whenever it seems like Nadal gains the upper edge and momentum, this guy bounces right back. Same for Rafa too, when it seems he's down and out but Djokovic was relentless that 4th set. Can't believe we tennis fans get to watch history being made every year these past two decades.


3rd set was soooooooo back and forth it was insane. nobody could hold their serve,


58 Slams, probably bout to be 59 Between 3 people, fucking Insane!


Djokovic has got to be most mentally tough sports players of all time, let alone tennis players. Unbelievable.


So... Nadal wins the next 5 French Opens confirmed??


Match of the fucking year. No contest.


Well its a good thing I worked for 4 hours today... the exact 4 hours this match was happening


Amazing match


This is the kind of match that gets its own Wikipedia page!


After tough matches Djoko had with Moussetti and Berrettini I thought Rafa will beat him easily. Great match though!


I really need an expert to explain me how Djokovic was able to win this game after being 0:5 in the first set. I'm just in awe. edit: lol, just realized Djoko won the 6 last games, wow.


Pin Nadal to his backhand and wait for a weak reply, then pounce.


“So that’s what that feels like” - Nadal


Yea that’s the Nadal method


That bit in Dark Knight rises always makes me chuckle, it's so dumb but I love that he still speaks in his batman voice to himself


Yeah, I noticed those backhands. I think what also helped, that he started to play a bit better and Rafa lost his confidence. Also those Rafa's DF after getting slightly disturbed at how well Novak was receiving his second serves. This match was something else. So fucking intense. As a Djoko fan I was absolutely confident that this will be a last year's repeat. I was even more confident after that 0:5 but then not going to sleep and watching this was the best decision ever.


And land every single return a mm in hahaha, easier said than done tbf


Macron goated for this


Macron was trying not to be slapped again this week.


I kinda wanted to see what would have happened if they made the spectators leave.


Do you know what a fire looks like And people laying on the ground stabbed Something like that


Smart man lol


\*saved himself from having his head removed from his body


All he did was avoid a riot. Can't blame him.


Did spectators stay?


Yeah, they got permission from the government to break curfew


Yes! Can confirm! We were chanting Merci Macron in the stadium!


God bless y'all, it would have been grounds for a war


Djokovic the only man to beat Nadal TWICE at the French Open


One of the most challenging feats in sport


I know people don't credit Novak fort he 2015 win, because Nadal was injured, but surely this time, people will give him his due. This was a legit as fuck win.


Tsitsipas spamming Stanimal's cell phone to see if he can borrow his checkered shorts


Wild match


I'd Nole can convert the victory this might be the most unique grand slam victory ever


Imagine losing to Tsisipas after this. I can't even 😂


I was so enthralled and excited at the end of this match, I legit forgot it wasn't for the trophy


It’s entirely possible too, lol, Tsitsipas is no slouch.


You shut your mouth lmao


The way the first set started, I thought Nadal would steamroll. What a match.


Holy hell, what a match. I just gave up on trying to get anything done partway through the second set. Djoko is an absolute god. Fed's weeks at #1 and Nadal's RG looked absolutely invincible and he's taken both down this year. I think he'll have the big majority of the alltime records when all is said and done. As a Fed fan, congrats to him.


This is exactly how I feel. As a big time Fed fan for many years, the respect I have for what Djokovic is accomplishing grows every year. He’s a machine


Novak sacrificed the previous tiebreaks this tournament just to win this one. That's where the match was decided


The mad man actually did it. What an incredible win by Novak and would be great to see him with a double career slam.


One of the most impressive wins of Nole's career, I can't even believe it. What a god damn moment. What a match. What a rivalry.


I think in the context of the records nadal has at RG, the GS wins, it's easily the most insane win ever.


Especially considering the beat down he got in the final last year


And to turn it around after 0-5 in the first when I thought he might eat a bagel again...


I was there. Can't believe what i've just seen. Missed the Soderling match, so glad I got to watch every second of this.


They jinxed Nadal this year by building that statue


Haha you’re so right though, now I’m imagining Nadal walking past it on his way out


Man has done one of the most difficult tasks in all of **sports**. Twice. Well done, Djokovic.


The table is set for a strong GOAT claim from Nole if we're being honest


I think even Novak would admit this is far more impressive than the 2015 win. Nadal was not in any sort of form that year, Novak was probably the favorite going in unlike today.


That one’s gonna sting


Holy shit this was incredible when most of this sub prematch was already discussing the match between nadal and tsitsipas


This match is going down as one of the most historic matches ever in tennis history. The quality, the goats, the weight it had, the place, the outcome. Speechless.


That smile as Nole signed the camera showed just how sweet this victory is for him. He played an insane match.




How do you think Mussetti feels lol


Probably amazing, he took more sets off of Novak than Rafa.


I was thinking more along the lines of depressed but I'm a sad man and Mussetti probably isn't. You're right


Musetti is the undisputed clay god then


Pete Sampras set such a lofty, unattainable record of 14 slams in 2002, I thought it would never be equaled Yet here we are, less than 20 years since, and 3 players have passed that mark playing against each other Tennis may never see this level of excellence again.


I bet when Pete Sampras achieved that, people thought the same thing


The totals might be beat, but the legacies might be even stronger. Sure maybe someone gets 23 in 50 years but were they consistently up against players who also got 20? There's something to be said for them pushing each other to be better, but I genuinely believe that if two of the big 3 didn't exist the one remaining would have 30+, easily doubling Sampras. It's fucking absurd


specially cause if we have another player of Nadal or Djokovic level but without the same competition they could win everythingh for years imagine what nadal/Federer/djokovic career would look like if the other 2 didnt exist


Actually...I could see Roger and Novak be around 16-17 and just retire then since they have families. It’d be hard to push yourself if you kept on beating everyone and no one was giving you a true challenge. Roger probably would have retired long ago if Rafa didn’t start beating him. Rafa without Roger or Novak, I could see him get to the low 20s since he doesn’t have a family yet. These 3 guys just pushed each other to keep playing. They could have rode off into the sunset before their 30s!


Well, I think they would still be indisputable GOATs by far. Serena could serve as an example.


I swear I’ve read this exact comment like 5 times through the last 3 years.


Extraterrestrial tennis from both today, what a great match!


I'm genuinely curious about this. Final game where Nadal got broken to lose that game. Did he crumble mentally there? It was almost as if he finally accepted his fate.


I have to say, though I'm not a Djoko fan, his drive to constantly improve (can be as simple as learning French) and his tenacity are inspiring. Up there with the greatest sportsmen of all time for sure.


And he knows Italian. I think he knows at least 5 languages.


yep. fluent in italian, english, french, german and serbian. no reason he couldn't pick up dutch, swedish and swahili after retirement.


novak djokovic’s mental toughness sets him apart from the rest of the big 3. what an amazing match.


I don’t watch tennis. This is the third match I’ve watched in my life, and even I understood that what happened was historical .


I'm not sure I can say this is the best tennis match I've seen- not without it going the distance and not after the 2019 Wimbledon final, but that third set was the single best SET of tennis I've ever watched. Jaw dropped after every point.


Well deserved from Novak, beating an in form Rafa on clay. One of the best matches I've ever seen.


Also, getting himself out of that gigantic hole he dug himself in the first set, doing 2 Djokosmashes, losing points after every dropshot and making a fair amount of unforced errors. Also, Nadal guessed way better where the ball was going than Djoko. Somehow that slowly changed.


I’m so gutted as a Rafa fan, but this moment is so fucking iconic. Djoko is coming for us all.


Djokovic literally broke Nadal down on clay, absolute insane. What a fantastic match as well.


I tuned in at 0-5. That's all I have to say.


So its your fault that Nadal lost. /s


Me too!


Thanks for watching!


I should be unbiased but holy shit that hurt


Mods have feelings too 😭


The greatest run at a single slam *of all time* just ended.


As a fellow Rafa fan, it hurts, but I completely admire the effort Djok puts into every single point, game, match. The things I love about Rafa I've come around to loving about Novak, mental titans, best h2h I imagine I'll see in my lifetime.


I used to be a Djokovic hater ngl, but he’s just so unbelievably good it’s crazy. Props to Nole. Also props to Rafa, he never backed down.


I was same, but it's hard to hate a guy who just puts so much effort into, every, single, point, and never gives up. Admirable.


So happy for Novak. That win means a lot for him. Tsitsipas is dangerous opponent we should not be relaxed Nole fam.


First of all, WHAT A MATCH. These two warriors being able to provide such level of tennis at their age is beyond belief. We as the fans are so lucky to witness this, we must cherish these moments. Congrats Rafa on everything you have done at this tourney! And Nole.... where to begin... you are a gladiator in flesh and soul. WHAT A PERFORMANCE FROM BOTH GENTLEMEN! I’ll be so sad when the big 3 retire... let’s cherish these moments. IDEMO #19 on sunday!


Crazy he didn't seem that emotional this match Amazing victory can't wait for Sunday


He was, he was brewing inside. Especially in third set


Job’s not finished


I honestly think it's shock, he won't process these emotions until the final is over


What the 2020 Final and 2021 SF have in common: Nadal is up 5-0 in the first set The resemblance stops there, however


2020. Rafa won first 6 games, 2021. Nole won last 6 games


No one has won RG going through Rafa. Good news for Stefanos.


Damn, last time Nole did all the hardwork only to run into the stanimal in boxers


"Stanimal in boxers" LOL!


*This research is based on a sample set of 2 matches.


In Spain but the "S" is silent. Drowning in champagne but the "cham" is silent. :(


If Novak plays like this for rest of year then at the end of the season he will have 21 grand slams


I thought Nadal was gonna run through Djokovic in straight sets and quite frankly I'm not the biggest Djokovic fan but holy crap Djokovic is an absolute Machine! The only person on planet earth that can do that to Nadal at the French Open, he had some real demons coming into this match, being 1-7 against Nadal at the FO, my word he has earned my respect and i hope he wins the final and I'm not even kidding when i say i have now turned a 180 and am a big fan now, Djokovic just manages to achieve the biggest feats, In terms of mentality and just sheer will Djokovic is untouchable, i truly believe he deserves to finish with the most slams and this is coming from a lifelong Federer fan


Also a Federer fan and he’ll remain my favourite player but Djokovic is on a whole new level. Career-ending injury aside, there’s no way he doesn’t win a couple more slams and soon.


Third set was the greatest set of tennis I've ever seen.


Rafa fan here. Great match. Rafa had chances. Multiple break points, a set point in the third. He seemed unable to convert in the big moments. Congrats to Djoker. He was a machine today.


Imagine Novak winning Rafa’s tournament and then go on to win Fed’s tournament in London to even things out at 20 against Fed. That would be amazing.


Gutted as a Rafa fan but Djokovic's level was much better and deserved to win. Rafa's serve has been poor all clay season and always felt that score last year was a freak result and Djokovic had a good chance to win today. He's that good a player. So proud of Rafa's RG record. Was bound to lose eventually. The guy's 35 and has pulled out so many wins on clay. Thought he might do it again when he went a break up in the 4th but losing that 3rd set was crucial IMO.


He will be back!


Normally I'd be annoyed at the fact Novak beat Rafa, but he played so incredibly well and gave such a genuine and humble interview that I feel really pleased for him. He deserved it.


Probably the greatest match I’ve seen! So many incredible points from both the players. Grateful to be alive to witness two absolute champions play against each other! Though I was rooting for Rafa, Well played Djokovic.


Novak is the most well rounded tennis player in the history of the sport. Simply phenomenal. Sad for Rafa, but one of those days I guess.


I wanna cry


Nadal fans....this is your Wimbledon 2019. Welcome to the Novak Djokovic induced trauma club.


This is the Wimbledon that was skipped, right? Right?


Remember all that bagel talk in the first set? Great match. Let’s go Nole


And all the discussions before the match


Some of us did see this coming. [From this morning](https://www.reddit.com/r/tennis/comments/nx2iqx/comment/h1f9961) [From 2 weeks ago](https://www.reddit.com/r/tennis/comments/nm97gr/french_open_2021_main_draw_hot_off_the_press_copy/gznp3m9)


nadal is a beast. djokovic is on another level with that beat down


I'm depressed


I’m in shambles


Me too, what the hell... Why does something completely out of my control have so much power over me?


No fucking way. Damn you Novak, I reluctantly respect your outstanding achievement


We’re currently witnessing history. We’re on the cusp of an elusive Grand Slam year, perhaps even a Golden Grand Slam year. What a TIME to be alive


Fact that Djokovic could realistically win the FO then compete at the last two tournaments to pass Fedal....if he Golden slam'd this year (obviously still a big stretch at this point given he's currently won one) idk if there'd be any strong argument against him being the GOAT


If he does that he might as well retire at the end of the year!


Started five games down. Ended with six games up. What a legend.


The match was so unprecedented that the French Tennis Federation had to give the audience the right to break curfew cause they knew it was going to be such a special moment in tennis history.


GOAT tier performance from Nole. What a legend. That 3rd set will be talked about for a long time


Only man to beat Nadal at RG twice. Incredible. What a match.


i think i need a support group to be able to move on with life after today. i don't think rafa will win any more grand slams. everything hurts.


Don't feel sad that it's over. Feel happy that it happen-ed.




Most difficult challenge in sports history and you did it Djoker. Tip of the fucking cap. I’m a die hard Rafa fan and what can you say. Inshallah.


Djokovic went full Thanovic today.. You love to see it.


No matter whose fan you are, if someone is so good he deserves to be up there. Improving different aspects of his game even at this age , serve, forehand, etc. Nole deserves the utmost respect. What a legend. Coming from a diehard Fed fan


This, my friends, is tennis history being written. Insane match, latest of the all-time great matches


Can't threaten to bagel this man or he vows vitriolic vengeance...


Djoker’s mentality is so damn elite same tier as Jordan and Kobe. Just a plain psychopath


There was a warning post earlier that if Djokovic lost, over half his losses at RG would be to Nadal. Little did they realize the opposite was true. If Nadal lost, more than 50% of his losses at RG would be to Djokovic. The third set was a 97 minute single set classic. The truth is, though, that after the 5-0 hole, Djokovic consistently was dominant in the match. The style of points and patterns were playing out very similarly to how they do on HC because Djokovic was just striking the ball THAT well.


Greatest third set of all time


yeah we're gonna remember this one for a while can you imagine if they kicked the fans out rofl


Irony of all ironies that this match started with people getting ready to post about Nadal bageling Djokovic in the first set again. And it ended with 6 straight games.


So after rg 20-20-19




imma cry when the big 3 retire. We so lucky man


Congrats Novak, incredible game!


Novak's tactics in this match were just too good. He really mispositioned Rafa so many times with the crosscourt forehand, hitting angles after angles. It was like him saying "a taste of your own medicine, Rafa".


Novak was getting smacked around early in the 1st set but he kept his cool and just played his game. What a match, he took down the god on clay


The 3rd set is probably the greatest clay court set of all time And its not recency bias