Pre-Match Thread: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [5] Stefanos Tsitsipas| 2021 French Open Men's Final

Pre-Match Thread: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [5] Stefanos Tsitsipas| 2021 French Open Men's Final


Djokovic is one of the GOATs but Stefanos has longer hair. Tough one to call


Historic match either way. Either Novak wins #19 and the DCGS, or next gen finally gets their hands on a slam trophy (Thiem is too old to be next gen so doesn't count).


Imagine having all that info in the post and not the time for the match


For those wondering : it starts in 4 hours and 20 minutes 3pm French time, 9am US East Coast


Tsitsipas looks amazing this tournament. But Novak is on a fucking mission. There’s no way he’s going to allow himself to let himself slip even a little after what happened in 2015. Vajda (Novak’s coach) actually gave an interesting perspective a couple years back — he said Djokovic thought Nadal was the final battle in 2015, and then lost a little of the emotional energy after that. I really really don’t see that happening tomorrow. But we shall see.


Getting my Greek tattoo if Stef wins today. But not for a while because I am very broke.


Djoko will save you some money mate


He’s good like that. I won $6 putting money on him to beat Rafa haha. I figured if I was gonna be sad about Nadal losing I at least should profit from it.


For me Novak should and will win but we nobody should discount Tsitsipas for a few reasons. It goes without saying that if he’s good enough to get here then he’s good enough to win and he has beaten the best before over 5 sets. He’s also shown how much this means to him so I have no doubt that he will put up every bit of fight he has in him. Realistically Tsitsipas’ path to victory is narrow as you’d have to think he’s not going to win in straight sets and if we go to 5 then Novak will find a way, as happened in their meeting in the SF last year. Tsitsipas has improved since then but I think Novak is also playing the dirt better as well. Tsitsipas must win the first set - I think he can win in 4 if he does so. But my guess is Novak in 4.


Tough to predict whether Novak will have an emotional letdown after triumphing over Nadal or whether he will come out feeling invincible. His level can fluctuate between matches more than ever these days, and I have too much scar tissue from 1HBHs, French Open finals, letdowns after a big triumph on clay, etc. Don't think I would be a very good fan if I wasn't expecting the worst. But that's probably why Novak is the 18-time champ and I'm not. Truthfully, I had been wondering even before the semifinals if this tournament is actually Tsitsipas' coming-of-age tournament and the outcome of the Djokovic-Nadal match wouldn't matter. Stefanos has looked sharp, and has already proven in the past that he isn't intimidated by the Big 3, even in Best of 5!


Novak has a massive challenge to motivate himself again after beating Nadal. But he will definitely not underestimate Stefanos. They played a 5-setter in last years semi-final RG


I like to believe that you conjured up that flair mid-Djokosmash


No way he understimates Tsitsipas/relaxes/has an emotional letdown, he's learned his lesson. It was either Vadja or Becker who recalled that after the victory over Nadal at RG 2015, Novak kind of relaxed, not of course completely but more than he should've and it cost him. Of course credit to Stan for playing as he did, but there's no way Wawrinka should've won 3 sets in a row from the second to the finish, there should've been a bit more answers from Novak that time (Novak 3-0 in the fourth and wins 1 from the next 7 games). I'm sure Djokovic has it pretty clear that, even though it was Nadal, it was the semis, he has one more match to go. I expect him to win but not easy unless Tsitsipas completely crumbles from pressure or Novak pulls his utterly best level.


My body is ready. IDEMO #19


If Novak wins tonight and gets number 19, I can’t wait for this sub to go off when Wimbledon starts it’ll be the most exciting Wimbledon ever.


Imagine he gets number 19 tomorrow and then wins Wimbledon. We're gonna have the craziest US Open ever.


Yeah but that's expecting too much and it typically backfires.


It’s kinda insane how we wouldn’t be THAT shocked if he wins AO, FO, Wimbledon. I swear Novak isn’t human.


You’re right. When they mentioned the first Novak Slam opportunity he couldn’t do it. But that was a less mature Djokovic. The less he can think about it the more possible it becomes, and if he takes the crown tomorrow, it truly becomes something within reach. RG and USO are the most unlikely IMO


Oh mate that will be the most epic way to end 2021


2021 ends w someone holding 21 slams


Or someone new holding one


Meddy begins his 20 slam championship run


Or Thiem?


Got me in the first half


The 2020 US Open isn't considered a grand slam title. It was played under different ATP rules and missing 11 active titles held by past players due to legitimate health concerns including the defending champion.


The hell it isnt. Its just as much of a Grand Slam title as any other. I mean hell, the French Opens won before this year when Rafa was injured must not count to you too then? Thats complete bs and you know it.


less likely given his form but you never know


As someone who loves the Big 3 equally I'm here for it.


If, if, if... Everyone needs to calm down


He would want the gold medal too.


Of all GSs, I think Novak is the biggest favorite at Wimbledon, especially when he improved his serve. He was so unlucky that the one last year is canceled. I think that only Federer can make some damage to him there, if he is healthy and in shape. Those new guys are not moving good enough at grass and didnt play at that surface for so long to improve their game there.


Djokovic in 4, potentially 5 with a blowout final set, but I think it'll be a tight match throughout. Tsitsipas tends to bring his best tennis when playing the big 3 at slams (first Nadal match excluded as that was his breakout slam performance) and some of his worst tennis against his generational rivals, so that makes me hopeful that we'll get something closer to last year's SF contest.


Considering if I should have some souvlaki to support my boy. I feel it’d be rude not to. Anyway, this is really the best case scenario for Stef. It’s not Rafa on clay at RG over best of 5. That’s already been taken care of, and we all know that players are only human and tend to have emotional letdowns (sometimes physical!) and don’t perform as well their next match. Unluckily for Stef, it’s Novak in a slam final. Over Bo5. He did well last year but he’s gonna need his tennis IQ to be 11/10 and court radar fully functional. If Stef wins, the tides are surely changing as Medvedev and Tsitsipas will be ranked 2 and 3 in the world with Novak not too far away. The young gen have a slam and I bet their collective confidence will go up: “if Stefanos can, why not me?” If Novak wins, 19 and DCGS would be insane- and if he equals at Wimbledon, an epic fight at 2021 US Open for number 21 (unless next gen finally steps up!)


Yes Djokovic is the heavy favourite and Stef's level isn't close to Stan's or Thiem's when they defeated Nole but all the talks about him getting bageled or getting dragged out of the court are exaggerated imo. Stef is a great server, better than Nadal obviously, and that's gonna give him some fairly easy points to get him going and help him find his rhythm. Of course Djokovic is the GOAT returner but there's just so much even he can do against a perfectly placed serve.


I think Novak will win but it’s not going to be easy for him, and I’m very nervous! Stef’s had a great clay court season.


Stef’s a great guy, it won’t be straightforward at all.


Who said Novak is gonna bagel Tsitsi. They're delusional lmao


Yes, I'm a Fed fan. But if Djokovic wins today and breaks the balance of The Big 3 blocking themselves from getting double Career Slam for all these years, I think Fed fans (and anyone else too) won't have any more arguments to argue he's not the one and only greatest tennis player ever. The Big 3 will be the Big 3, the three legends. Nothing is going to take away their achievements. But if Novak wins, he will have become the GOAT, better than the other two I think. Can't say that I like the thought, but it is what it is.


I think Novak may well end up as the best of the three when they’re all retired, either way it’ll be very very close. But if he wins today he’ll have double career grand slam, double masters, most weeks at number 1, and only one behind in slams won. I thought with Wimbledon cancelled and his default at the US he’d missed his chance to catch up on the slam total, with Rafa likely to go 3 ahead today.


Guess my hopes for Stefanos cancel my hopes for the Nets to take out Giannis, sorry Greece. 😅


If Tsitsipas wins today.. he will be #3 replacing Nadal?




Super nervous today. Tsitsi is going be a major challenge, I think


Alright r/tennis Always remember people, it isn't over till it's over. Be humble.


Ever since he shouted "Let's go for the title at Roland Garros!" At the end of his Belgrade 2 winner's on-court interview to a packed home audience who roared in approval, I knew this time he is determined to get his hands on the trophy. A determined Djokovic will go through hell and back in order to win. Just like in Australia he had set his mind to win at all costs and found a way. I see that attitude here as well, which was missing last year. Tsitsipas is an extremely dangerous challenge and could outplay Novak even on his best day, but I think Novak will find a way to grind this one out and get his hands on that trophy again.


Nah I dont think he can outplay Novak on his best day. I mean no one in history can except Roger probably. Tsitsipas has a good shot at winning though if he plays his best.


Yeah, probably only Rafa and Roger can... However, there is also a precedent of a St beating Novak at a RG Final. Maybe Stefanos can upgrade to Refanos... Either way, as long as we get a good, semi-even match I'll be happy! :)


Link to where he said that?


Here's the link to the video on instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CPdnN9GAc-Z/?utm_medium=copy_link


I pissed myself when I saw all the "Nadal Nadal comments" hahahahha Clowns


As an aside, the battle for Wooden Spoon here is Lajovic vs Simon.


Such a pity that del Bonis beat Fognini, otherwise Thiem would have a real shot


Rooting for Novak. I want to watch someone snatch classic grand slam during my lifetime !


Djoko in 4


Can Djoko be the : * 1st male player in the Open Era to achieve a double career Grand. * 3rd man ever to achieve a double career Grand. And hopefully, on track or atleast a "Favorite" or "motivation" kind of thing if FO win happens ? Is the ridiculous "calendar year golden slam" , which only Steffi Graff has in the history of tennis ((not saying he is heavy fav. but I am saying it should be a damn good motivation to try for this)). Please Djoko, do not mess this up...take all of NoleFam energy...win this 1 match, this 1 match...a huge huge point on resume that "defeated Nadal en-route to a FO title" is so so so good to read as a Djoko fan.


Also, if he win, not that he will have at least 2 of every GS, but also at least 2 of every Masters. There should be a name for it if he made it. Double career Slamsters :D


As a Federer fan, I hope Djokovic wins. Twice for every masters, twice for every major would be absurd. Idc about GOAT, Djokovic already owns that. I want to see things that will never be repeated.


Hear, hear. Let’s drop this GOAT crap and enjoy all the greats have to give us as long as they’re around. The more the merrier.


It’s like Brady. Do I want him to win if he is playing my team? No. But if he is going deep, I am absolutely cheering for him because I want to see some next level shit. Did these people shit on MJ too? Gretzky? The facts are that we have 3 of these motherfuckers in one era. We should be so thankful, not bitter.


We all remember what happened in Australia just 4 months ago. A next gen player playing the best tennis of his life in the final vs Djokovic. While I give Tsitsipas a better chance than Medvedev had, I still think it’s 70/30 in favor of Novak. Djokovic in 3


tsitsipas must do it within four sets, fifth set is already Nole's. So it is gonna be Huge surprise if our guy win. I don't have the gut to watch the match, have strong feeling that Nole gonna destroy Stef. That difference between those two semifinals was huge.


Going to miss the game because I’m off to the pub to watch the mighty England inevitably lose.


Nerves for Stefanos + Massive motivation for Djoker (2nd career slam, slam no 19, 2nd FO in the Rafa era) make it a likely 3-4 set win for Djoker. He’s making very few UEs and looks very fit.


I think Stef is certainly capable of beating Novak in 5 sets on clay. I also think there is no way he will do it in this match. Not in his first ever grand slam final when Novak has so much on the line. I just can't see it happening. Maybe another year...


Someone is gonna claim to eat to his own shit if Stef wins and he will be right. It's not necessarily me, but someone.


It’s fine as long as no balls are being cut off.


It’s time for the small kid to become a big kid today, I will be rooting for you Stef


Nole in four. I’m so hyped for this game!


Novak will probably win, but I don't think Stef will be as nervous as some people think. In the previous two matches, he played against his peers, players he'll battle many times in the following years, his rivals. This, I think, contributed to his nervousness against Zverev. Now that he's in the final, the pressure to win is smaller. Stef will hope to bring his A-game and see what happens. Obviously Novak has a higher chance to win for obvious reasons, but I don't think it's gonna be as close as some suggest. Besides, I thought that after Friday people would learn not to make cocky predictions.


As a Novak fan, I'm really cautious about this match. Tsitsi is playing really mature on this RG, he is in shape and didn't look too tired and he has a game for this surface. But, on the downside it seems there's been to much emotions after he won 1/2, just like he felt "I did more than I expected and I'm more than happy with it", and in similar cases underdogs usually underperform in finals when lost so much emotional energy after winning semis. I don't say it will be the case, but it could be a red flag for Tsitsi. I think Novak is more tired, but in his mind he know he didn't do anything so far (even after beating Nadal), he counts just titles, and that can be decisive. He played with tear muscle to win AO, and he will dig through this match no matter what. Tsitsi will have a huge chance if he sets his mind in the right direction and not back up for a second.


In contrast to his semifinal, I think Tsitsipas’ nerves will show earlier rather than later. I think Novak comfortably takes the first 2 sets but Tsitsipas fights back to snag the third before Novak closes it out in 4. The 3rd and 4th sets I expect to take a long time. Edit: But if Djokovic plays like he did in the 2nd and 3rd sets against Nadal, Tsitsipas might even get triple bageled, lol.


I felt like Tsitsipas' nerves showed in 3.5 sets of the semis. It's just that in the first 1.5 sets Zverev had worse nerves, so Tsitsipas came out ahead. He had like a 1:15 winner to UE ratio midway through the second set. He's going to have to be a lot more focused/calm to have a real chance tomorrow.


There is 0 chanse Stefanos gets bageled on Clay


Mmmm not 0. Highly unlikely though.


Yeah kinda like last years final but reverse roles for Novak. 4 sets sounds real to me


[Edit: OK, I may be mistaken so I'm going to just throw in a disclaimer "correct me if I'm wrong here"] Interestingly enough, if Djokovic wins this, he'll become the first man in the Open Era to have won each major twice since Laver (which can be contested because he started this achievement before the Open Era and completed it after it had begun). Both Djokovic and Federer have multiple AO/Wimbledon/US Open titles but one RG, and Nadal has multiple Wimbledon/US Open/RG titles but one AO. Thus far Rafa has come the closet to this achievement but has been held back in a lot of AO finals, but it's crazy that Djokovic is very likely to snag it first. Tsitsipas may have to pull a Wawrinka here.


A genuine question: between Novak vs Med(AO21) and vs Tsi(RG21), do the expectations differ? And will there be another shutout like 4 months ago by Novak?


I think so. Djokovic could have arguably gone down as the second or third greatest clay courter of all time had Nadal not been as dominant at RG. I think Djokovic is going to be too much for Tsitsipas.


If Novak wins I'll switch to a gluten free diet


Novak beat the monster, now just needs to beat the minion for #19.


Djokovic in 4. I can't see Novak losing this, no matter if Tsitsipas plays his A-game, without pressure (he won't). That Wawrinka match will give Djokovic the experience he needs to win this after beating Nadal in RG.


I know, right? And yet *Le Reddit Army* keeps thinking otherwise lolol Edit: Downvote me more, salty Federer/Nadal soybois. This won't give your heros a GS hahaha


If you notice the guy you’re replying to isn’t being downvoted. Only reason you’re getting downvoted is cuz what you said doesn’t make sense. 90% of the comments and posts on this sub think djokovic is winning, so idk what “army” you are talking about.


Yeah I mean Djoker is my favorite but the last couple days have really brought out some victim mentality fans out of the woodwork


I'm a Nole fan and I voted you down. Don't get cocky, Nole can definitely mess this up


Tuning in from Los Angeles. Excited to start my day with some coffee and this match. Hoping Tsitsipas can make it a fight.


Tsitsipas in 4 or 5. Just have a feeling he’s gonna surprise everyone. He’ll leave everything on the court, he’s proven he can bring it before, and he’s been crazy disciplined this clay season.


You think the small kid has endurance to go 5? This would be an absolutely monumental effort.


Tsitsipas is one of the fittest guys on tour, that won't be the issue


How is everyone completely giving no chance to Tsitsipas especially Novak fans. And here i am afraid that again 2015 will be repeated. And given the fact that Novak beat an in form Rafa in an epic match, I will feel really bad and cheated.


First of all, the conditions are not at all alike to 2015. Djokovic is not gassed and there's no ridiculous striker of the ball like wawrinka waiting. Secondly, if you go by the semifinals what are you supposed to think othet than Djokovic winning. One match was some of the highest level of tennis ever seen, and the other one wasn't even great. None of these things are meant to shit on Tsitsipas. But to even discuss him having chances to do something, he'd first need to play better than against Zverev.


He was playing a near perfect match against Medvedev. We can't judge based on one match no two matches are the same.


Medvedevs flat groundstrokes were easy pickings for Tsitsipas, he showed the difference you need for clay court tennis


This match is Novak's match to loose. All depends on him. He couldnt be more motivated going into a match and he is only 1 match away for getting #19. If he has the proper attitude there is nothing Tsitsipas can do . It is true that last year Tsitsipas took 2 sets in the semifinal, but last year Djoko lost to Nadal also easily so he is in a very different place now. All the crap about Nadal's course and one handed backend is just mambo jambo. Novak in 3 .


I think Tsitsipas will win, you're not allowed to win the French after beating Nadal


I am just so relieved that Stef has made the final. He deserves this after the stellar and consistent performance during the whole of the clay season. I would not have coped if he had lost to the flop giraffe in the semis. Now I feel very at peace, and whatever happens I will be happy with. Hope he gives it his all in the final tonight! Come on Stefanos!


It's Novak, you can predict only one thing: it will be exciting and bring your meds.


Can you imagine if Tsitsipas comes out in checkered shorts


Omg commentator on Stan sport literally just said about Djokovic “some people love him, plenty don’t”


Had my heart in my throat that entire rally.


I always have been a diehard Fed fan. For me he is the epitome of tennis. Ive already accepted Djoker is the goat, however. And for him to win today would be a catalyst for an insane year of tennis. The potential for a golden slam/calendar grand slam makes me so excited for the future.


Christ imagine he pulls off a calendar year golden slam, that would be insane.


I think if he wins today thisll be the best season of his career barring injuries. At least in terms of playing quality. He is going to die on court if it means he can pull it off.


Let me remind everyone Nole dropped two sets against a dude called Musetti, dropped another against Berettinni, and was down 5-0 against Nadal in the 1st set of the semi. Also, had to survive match point a few weeks ago (sure, a 3 setter, but they all count) against Stef. And here you are talking about Tsitsipas getting bageled. The disrespect you're all throwing the kids' way is mind-blowing. Just enjoy the game.


Tsitsipas also lost 2 sets to an average Zverev. It means nothing in the final. It all comes down to the day.


Nole is a significant favorite, no argument there. But there's a difference between that and everyone acting as if he is playing Petros Tsitsipas.


Since I've been watching tennis for 16 years, this is all dejavu to me. Whenever Roger performed well before RG his fans would say "this is it, finally this is Roger's real chance to defeat Rafa at RG" and we've all seen how these predictions always fell apart. Roger even bageled Rafa at some point before RG ( I believe it was Hamburg 2007?), and he lost in a humiliating fashion in RG 2007 anyway. I'm always joking that Stef stands no chance, I do think he has a chance, but it's about as good as Roger's chances were against Rafa in the old days. Also you need to account for the fact the Novak is VERY serious this time about getting the title especially considering he just beat fucking Rafa Nadal in spectacular fashion, which means he will not be gifting too many points and will be chasing all balls down the court. 2020 RG? Yeah but Novak wasn't even playing half his best that season. I mean I'm a diehard Rafa fan but Nole being bageled in a GS final shouldn't ever happen if he's playing his best tennis. So Stef taking 2 sets away from Nole that year can be attributed to Novak's below average level rather than Stef's high level. The same can be said about Nole vs Musetti this year, while it's true that Musetti is a very good player, but let's be real if Nole played in that match with the same level he played against Rafa in the semi he would have probably allowed only 3 games for Musetti. Add to all of this that it's Stef's first ever GS final and nerves will be a huge factor. Also there are a lot of obnoxious fans who will be screaming for every error and every double fault compared to previous matches that looked more like training sessions. Novak is extremely clever at handling fans, it remains to be seen how Stef will handle them. I'm hoping for a thriller but if Nole maintains the level with which he beat Rafa, I'm honestly expecting bagels and breadsticks.


I do feel like Tsitsipas is way past being star-struck by the big 3, so I don't think he is going down easily, even though this is his first final. But I appreciate the answer as well as the reasoning behind it. Thank you, sir. Much respect.




Stef to take the first set but Novak to take the next three sets is my take. 4-6, 6-3, 7-5, 6-2. Fingers crossed, good luck Novak for the 19th.


I have a feeling Tsitsipas will win. I think the match with Nadal sucked too much from Novak- like in the past. However, it will be in 5 sets. I hope I'm wrong.


I can’t remember the last time Novak lost a 5-setter


Thiem in 2019 RG SF, in case this isn't rhetorical


Damn you’re right I forgot about that. I guess it is possible


That was played over 2 days with terrible weather conditions against a more experienced Thiem though.


He's much older now and his level isn't the same.


In theory anyway


A few things: Novak’s fitness is top tier and he regularly has energy for 5 sets. The fourth set in the semi was not as physically draining. If the intensity of set 3 carried over, then yet it would be pretty tough to recover. This wasn’t like 2012 AO. Ultimately, we won’t know until we see who shows up to the final. Exciting stuff


Hmm I hope I am wrong.


Could go either way! You just never know at this level


I said this in another comment but I think Djokovic will win in 3 and if I were to guess the score it would be 6-4, 6-3, 6-2. I can see Tsitsipas maybe taking the first set but I think once Djokovic gets going and he’s closer and closer to the finish line his level will keep increasing Edit: well damn Tsitsipas is doing better than I thought. I might be so wrong about this haha Edit2: It took longer than I expected for Djokovic to get going but once he started he never stopped. Too amazing


Novak at slam finals since 2014 against non-big 5: Kevin Anderson, 3-0 Del Potro, 3-0 Thiem, 3-2 Medvedev, 3-0 He will find a way.


Unlikely a one handed backhander taken to five sets by Zverev wins.


Why would the 1HBH be an issue? Cecchinato Wawrinka Thiem Federer Kohlschreiber These are all players who have beaten Djokovic at RG. Guess what they all have in common? In fact aside from Nadal he has lost to nearly all 1HBH which, take as you will. But I think he can’t read the spin as well.


Has Djokovic only lost to 1HBH and lefties at RG?


So nervous for Novak. I hope it’s not even close tbh.


oof the hype is setting in.


Hope it will be 5 hours match.


Still reeling over Babs’ double. Neutral fan today, just want a good match :)


Here's hoping for a miracle.


guys, is there a match thread yet?


There's been too many coincidences and many crazy numbers matching so far. I believe in curses and weird shit like that. Whoever beats Rafa, then loses in the finals against a player with a one handed backhand. I got Tsitsipas winning.


Lets go Tsitsi!


Djokovic in 3 or at most 4 if he has a lapse of concentration. I expect a very major beatdown like the one Djoker gave Medvedev in AO. There's no chance these young guys stand against Djoker, and that too in slam finals, when he is the most hungry Thanovic that has ever been seen.


If Nole wins today we are going to witness history with Wimbledon USO and Olympics. Rest of the Summer is going to be a treat for tennis fans and could potentially give us a forerunner in goat debate


Got $42,000 on the line at 1.36 odds. Let’s go Djokovic.




None. I’m happy to lose it.


I like Tsitsipas as a person and competitor and he will become my hero if he blocks Djokovic from the title.


I like Tsitsipas most out of next gen as of now. But I will root my whole life against him if he beat Novak today. It will not be anyone's fault but not beating Rafa and winning will feel like cheating or pure dumb luck of draw and I do not want that to happen.


Cheating if he beats Djokovic on a grand slam final? I couldn't disagree more. This argument can be made for Thiem but if Tsitsi somehow beats Djoko he will be a well deserved grand slammer


Djoko in 3. Tsitsi is just happy to be in the final. Both are spent from SFs. Djoko's game will kill Tsitsi stamina quickly. Djoko is hungry beyond imagination. He will dig deep to get this GS.


Tsitsipas has the drive to win. I think that separates him from Medvedev and Z.


Oof I think Medvedev has it as well. Certainly neither are comparable to Z.


Novak will be throwing everything at Stefanos' backhand yard. If his returns are deep and heavy, we are in business for an one hell of a final and -why not- a surprise. Otherwise, he 'll be setting up himself for Novak's volleys on the deuce side or drop shots, as it pretty much happened in Rome. Still, the Joker in 3 that my betting app shows as most likely, I'll probably go against -not big, but against...


My wild prediction for today: Tsitsipas hits a let doesn’t say sorry and wins the match because he’s a good kid. Stefanos takes it 3-2. Everyone in r/tennis cries along with the new champ.


I am putting all my fake Reddit prediction coins on Tits. But seriously, I think he’ll win. He would have won last year against Djokovic if not for injury and he is a better player now.


He wasn’t injured last year?


He got injured during the fifth set of the semifinal last year.


Greek God in 4?


I'll eat my shoe if Totopos wins this.


Be careful a Nadal stan ate his testicle


RemindMe ! 16 hours


Haha that's funny...is this name a thing?


I'll eat my shoe if Đoković wins this.


The prospect of a calendar slam is unbearably exciting. As if it wasn’t enough of a thriller the other day seeing Novak dig deep within to perform a hallowed feat in the sport, it could become a historic year in so many other ways. Get hyped yo


The prospect of a calendar slam will be dead in ~10 hours.


Rooting for Novak here, but I expected Tsitsi to make it very very tough. Might even take it if he keeps Novak on court too long in a reversal of their encounter last season. Fingers crossed Novak gets it done. Novak in 4.


I wonder if Novak will suffer from loss of motivation after beating Nadal. He's a very motivation oriented player.


Well after topping weeks no1 he said his main focus will be slams...


The man can end the goat debate with 2 more slam titles. He’s motivated as hell.


Nope, that’s been dealt with after 2015 and 2016.


hope so, it would be a real shame if he didn't take the title this time round.


Novak in 3.


The only uncertain thing about today is which quote Stefanos will plagiarise for his loser's speech


Djoko is going to SMOKE Totopos.


Djokovic in easy 3. 6-1, 6-3, 6-1. He barely broke a sweat against Rafa. I hate it, but Djokovic always wins.


Fact is i have never seen Tsitsipas play at novaks level for any more then the odd flash. Novak can sustain this level. If tsisipas plays better then he has ever played in his life. He still will probably lose. Novak does not even have to play at his very peak level to win in 3 imho


Djokovic wins tomorrow. Then he meets Fed in final of Wimbledon. Djokovic does something that pisses off Fed then drama ensues and big fight follows. Tennis world goes nuts and Fed wins Wimbledon final


Don't be a meanie.


Punch in the face double default. Rafa declared the winner by DQ.


Today we support Stef


Speak for yourself buddy


Also what's up with all the Nole fans shitting on Nadal fans for saying Nadal in 3 before the semis? Why are you trash talking Tsitsi so much now all of a sudden? What happened to respect and not underestimating your opponent?


Nole in 3


small boy vs anti vaxxer who will win?


serena williams vs father time who will win?


gotta pick good nick names, u mean honest mom for serena ;-).


how dare you


7-5 6-3 6-7 (7-4) 6-4 Djoker wins


I am so so certain it will be Novak in 3. I would've bet a few bucks on it if I lived in New Jersey..


Tsitsipas in 4 shitty sets. The semis were too entertaining to give a good final.


Tsitsipas will be very nervous when this starts. Djokovic needs to take advantage and go up early.


My biggest fear is that Novak is a bit flat today. His last 3 matches were a slog and combined with the extra energy expended on beating Rafa he is definitely not as fresh as I'd like him to be ahead of today...


Man I think stefanos is about to get shitcanned in this match. Hopefully he can make it competitive


Đoković in 3. 6-3, 6-2, 6-0.


O/U 38 games?


Feel like it has to be over


What times the final for India btw? Any idea?


6:30 pm IST, 15:00* Paris time