Novak Djokovic is the 2021 French Open Men's Singles Champion!

Novak Djokovic is the 2021 French Open Men's Singles Champion!


So to recap: Wins the week before RG 5 setter against Musetti, granted Musetti was hobbling. Physical 4 setter against Berrettini All time great 4 hour physical match against the King of Clay 4 hour 2-0 5 set comeback in the final Djokovic’s fitness and mental strength are unmatched.


and hes 34


im not upset Djokovic came back from two sets down to win this. im upset that i fully expected Djokovic to come back from two sets down to win this


I was supporting Djokovic, and was despairing after two sets... in the end, the only correct solution is to trust that Djokovic will win, no matter the situation... I'll never understand *why* Djokovic is so inevitable, only that he is.


I lost faith. But yea. He broke his concentration in the third, his will in the fourth. And just methodically picked him apart in the fifth.


I closed my stream in a fit of rage when he went down 0-2. I contemplated crying myself back to sleep (I had woken up early for this). I was sure this was 2015 all over again (I still have PTSD). But eventually I gained the courage to turn it back on when I saw glimpses of a comeback in the third set score. I should have more faith.


I kinda expected him to break early all 3 sets then control the match which is kinda what he did


novak deciding that the 0-5 comeback just wasn't dramatic enough


Giving us a glimmer of hope after being 0-2 down in sets but no of course not. Can't deny it though, he deserves the win


The most complete male tennis player of all time


Djokovic now has won every tournament worth 1000 or more points at least twice. Everyone else hasn't even done it once (no one is even 1 away from winning all of the tournaments once).




After the semis, i never thought the final could be a worse ride. I WAS WRONG




I know, but to think Tsitsipas would throw a show as good or even better than against Nadal... Idk you, but for me it was totally r/unexpected


I still cant believe he pulled this off with so much stake on the line. From 0-2 sets down against Musseti, to 0-5 games down against Nadal with shades of last year final, and finished it off with another comeback from 0-2 sets down in the final


Djokovic throwing off handicaps so his friends can earn more money from the bookies. "Bruh, I didn't tell you this. When I'm two sets to love down tomorrow, bet on me with everything you've got".


A rollercoaster that nearly made me puke. Man, Novak has made my life shorter! Still love him though !


As I said earlier, those last two points were the testament how Djokovic raises his game to match and go beyond whatever is in front of him. Stef summoned his last traces of energy and gave an amazing effort, and Djokovic just went a step beyond. The point being, even if Stef played a better match, we probably see an even better Djokovic. His matches with others in the BIG 4 are a testament to that.


Beating Nadal on clay then coming back down 0-2 in a slam final. Words cannot describe how insane this slam win is.


Most impressive slam win run in a very long time. Twice came back from 2 sets to love down. The sheer clutchness in 3rd set vs Nadal and infact every big point thrown his way During 2019 WC Final, as a Nadal fan, I had to take a decision, of whom to support. A clear thought in my mind was, someday I will surely have to conceed the GOAT status to Djokovic, but it will be way easier for Nadal to catch Federer at 20. And hence a decision was made. I still stand firm that my thought process was correct.


Probably his toughest along with the 2012 AO and I'd say 2011 USO.


"*I didn't beat the King of Clay to lose this title.*" - Novak Djokovic Feels like the explanation is reiterated too many times, but it's only because it's been proven as fact time and time again -- the Big 3 are just on another level compared to the rest of the tour. The skill, the ability to adjust, the composure, the mental resolve, the belief -- there are countless superlatives that are applicable because they have them all. Djokovic leveraged all of those qualities in this tournament to win a well deserved French Open title, his 19^th, and is now only one step away from joining Federer and Nadal at 20. He may never be as loved as the other two, but he commands his respect with these performances as a GOAT.




It takes huge mental strength to be in his position and still win matches. People always talk about his matches with Federer and Nadal, how he is always being cheered like a 100th ranked player but actually even when they are not playing, many a times underdog gets all the cheers.


Yea it’s like he never got his favourite cheer. Went from being cheered against as the upsetter of the favourites. To cheered against as the guy going against the underdog. So frustrating as a nole fan. But he eats it up. He will know his worth at the end of the day. Amazing tennis player. Goat. Plain and simple.


The only thing here I disagree with is that Lindt is an expensive swiss export. Apparently, according to my swiss friends they keep their high-end stuff for themselves... Apart from that, I truly thank you for this balanced summary of Novak's role in modern tennis. Have been struggling to articulate it to my friends.


He tells about when he hears people chanting for his opponent he just tries to hear it as them chanting Novak


Crowd cheering for Djokovic's opponent. Djokovic: "Oh so you love him so much? Let me show you how fast I can make your MF run."


He doesn't need anyone to cheer for him because he cheers for himself. What an incredible athlete.


He also knows that the whole of Serbia is watching him and cheering for him. We couldn't be more proud and thankful for his wins and doings on and off court.


Media and fan bias is likely a very, *very* small matter in the context of Novak's achievements, imho. Novak, when he retires, will be *sorely* missed by Tennis fans all over the globe, without exception. I'd not fret too much about his legacy, tbh. I am just glad I am able to witness the greatness of the Big 3 as it unravels, the likes of whom I am unlikely to witness in any other sport in this lifetime.


I fucking love him man. Hes far from perfect. Hes done and said stupid shit off the court. But hes human man. Novak is the undisputed goat. Right now; itll be further cemented in a few years time when he has the all time GS record. Im so happy man. The epitome of a tennis player.


Apart from this skinny Serbian’s GOAT level abilities, skills, consistency, fitness, mentality, achievements etc. on a tennis court, he can even speak Serbian, German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and who the fuck knows how many more despite growing up in a poorer family background compared to Rafael and Roger. Novak Djokovic is literally inspiration personified


Ugh, I already see morons on Twitter complaining that Tsitsipas isn't smiling. Of course he's not smiling. He shouldn't be smiling. He has no reason to. He was aiming for victory and he failed. But no, he has to put a fake fucking smile or else we'e going to cry about that.


You got to be either a psychopath or a saint to be able to smile after losing a match despite having a 2 set lead. Poor guy is naturally disappointed in himself. I don't understand people on twitter.


IMO Tsitsipas had a look of incredible determination in his eyes during the post match interviews. You can tell how badly he wants it but Djok and Nadal are just so good. As Djok said, Greece has a real star in this guy and I’m excited to watch him compete for many years to come


These idiots don't know what it's like to play sports and be competitive. Of course he won't smile, he's not there for a participation medal, he was there to win.


Is it just me or is there no way Djokovic is 6'2, Tsitsipas 6'4, and Zverev 6'6? When they shook hands, seemed like Tsitsipas towered over Djoko. And when Stef/Zverev shook hands, seemed like they were nearly the same height. Crazy how Medvedev/Zverev/Tsitsipas move for their size. Great young trio already crowding the top 5 of the game. Congrats to Nole for a career grand slam x2, and putting himself 1 away from Rafa/Roger which he's sure to get. Will go down as the best ever for sure. I'm a *huge* Rafa/Roger fan, but it's delusional to think otherwise.


The way Stefanos looks right now makes me believe he’s gonna win a handful of majors before he’s done. Dude has the look of someone who is going to bounce back in a massive way


19 and still going strong. Congrats Nole you’re an absolute legend. Tsis more than exceeded my expectations. A future slam winner has truly showed us what he can be capable of.


With absolutely no sign of slowing down


This is the biggest thing I am seeing no evidence that he isnt going to win at least a few more Im thinking 5 more is totally a good guess. More is not out of question. And he isnt even at the Federer 2017 come out of no where and win three more stage. He might just blow through the records like crazy




Is it controversial to say he has the best mentality of any sportsman ever? He’s ridiculous.


I don’t think so, I’ve never seen an athlete have so much faith in themselves no matter what.


It somehow makes it better that he's not always perfection with his tennis. 2 sets in and his level was not nearly as good as the SF. He played some shit in the second set. But then...the crazy thing is, nobody was surprised what happened next. Nobody. Hes a complete giant.


Yeah... honestly... after the 3rd set i was like "Well, good try Tsis... Novak's gonna win now"


Not at all


I only follow a few sports, but he, Tom Brady, and Michael Jordan are all neck and neck for me in terms of clutchness and mentality under pressure. I definitely don't root for Djokovic or Brady, but they've broken my sports fan heart so many times that I can't even bring myself to get angry about it anymore.


Djokovic has to do it alone on the court for 3-4 hrs in front of perennial hostile crowds. No one comes closer.


Well on one hand being alone makes for a unique challenge. On the other hand, tennis crowds aren't 1/10th as hostile as football crowds, and when Brady fucks up he's letting down an entire team of ~50 people so there's that extra pressure. Anyway, I don't think there's any need to try and figure out who's more clutch between the two of them lol


Novak Djokovic continues being a bad ass, being his own translator in the post match presentation!


i bet french crowd really loves that


I sure do :-) Also, his French has greatly improved these last few years


We can continue debating about GOAT forever, but Djokovic is undoubtedly the mentally strongest player of all time


Cannot believe there were some people suggesting he’d roll over in the 3rd set. He does not quit no matter the odds no matter the circumstance.


No doubt about it. His mind is as firm as a rock. As a Federer fan, I can't see how a player who believes in him so much can not be more loved. Of all people, he deserves it the most. A living legend.


Fun tourney... Djoker breaks the Nadal curse


Imagine if Novak wins a gold medal this year


We now exist on a planet where, for the first time since the Open Era started, a madlad on a mission has won every friggin' GS multiple times. Didn't need any charity either. Took down the clay GOAT while giving hope before yet again demolishing the spirit of his final's opponent. .And in the process has firmly established himself as the frontrunner in the GOAT discussion. What a time to be alive; we'll be telling our grandchildren - I watched that match/achievement happen in real time!!!


Won every masters, world tour finals, and slam multiple times Its pretty hard to overlook this


If Djokovic somehow completes a Grand Slam this year (hard due to the US Open, but not impossible), the GOAT discussion will probably be locked and sealed for the next 20 years, at least.


Lol imo even if someone was to surpass Fed, Novak and Rafa GS count I wouldn’t call them goat unless they had a comparable level of competition to the Big 3.


This. And this fact is what will separate these three for decades to come to the future contenders. Who knows, it might be half a century before we see such a level of competition again.


People said it was hard because of the French Open due to Nadal but here we are


This has to be among Djokovic's most impressive slam triumphs, not necessarily because of the difficulty of the opponents, but because of the way he had to win. Not only did he beat Nadal on his home court, he came back from 2-0 down *twice* in the tournament, including in the final, to win it. That's mental GOAT status cemented, and if you don't think he's the GOAT already, you can't doubt that he's well on his way.


Even I was doubtful after 2-0 down. This guy is the fucking terminator. What a beast


First time since 1946 someone won a grand slam being down 0-2 in multiple games


Novak djokovic is fucking brilliant.


He’s just so fucking good


Honestly if he one day comes out and says he intentionally put himself in bad situations just to see what he can come back from, I'd believe it


He said to Serbian crowd in Belgrade he's going for trophy. Did not disappoint. We love you Novak!!GOAT!!


This was not Tsitsipas choking. He came out really strong against a GOAT, and current world no.1, which is impressive in its own right. But Djokovic has experience and training in pacing himself for a long 5 set match. Tsitsipas, as much as I wanted him to win, just isn’t as good at that yet. He can’t sustain that energy. The same happened in his semi, although that had more to do with Zverev finding his groove than Tsitsipas losing steam. But it will happen someday. He’s on the verge of breaking through and I’m excited to keep watching him.


Tsitsipas played damn well. He was damn near painting the line every point for stretches of the match.


As a Serb I obviously wanted Djoko to win but damn, Tsitsi is so damn good. I felt bad for him at the end purely because no matter how good he played, Djoko is still out there. Just a bit more and Tsitsi will be an extreme threat to other players. I'm a bit scared actually lol, as soon as his mental fortitude gets cemented, he's gonna be damn hard to beat (make no mistake, dude fought like a lion in these finals and fully deserved the spot and tbh, if it was anyone other than Djoko and Nadal facing him, he'd probably win the thing)




Honestly, why do we ever bother to doubt him?


Djoker: Perfectly Balanced as all things should be.


After establishing himself as the Goat of tennis, Novak laying the ground work to become president of Serbia. < Saying Hello to brethren in Greece and all - Foreign relations >


My small boy went down fighting hard. I'm proud as hell, Stef. Keep your head up


Feel bad for Stef, especially his post-match reaction, but love this for Novak. A tale of two sides


He can take a lot from this final. Great experience.


Yeah, like we heard about Medvedev's 5 set loss to Rafa at the USO. Only to then roll over even worse in his next slam final, playing even more nervous than he did in his first. Theoretically it should give them experience to do better, but more often it seems like it just kills their belief.


Nothing shameful losing to Djokovic in a final. Also, he is only 22 which is already impressive what he have achieved (2nd place in French Open)


Top 3 most unstoppable in human history: 3.tsunamis 2.nuclear warheads 1.djokovic after bathroom break


Seriously, not a ridiculous choke by any mean


You don’t choke against the big 3, they simply elevate their game and you lose.


Djokovic is simply the mental GOAT. I mean, arguably he's the overall GOAT (or very likely will be), but his mental game is at the level of which sports rarely has seen. That's a big time legacy win right there no doubt it. It's bittersweet because I am a huge Stef fan, I'd say he's my favorite player not named Djokovic, but I also know his day will come - and soon I think. What a player he is as well.


I often wonder how much his childhood factors into his unbreakable mental game. Forged by circumstances none of these other top players can even imagine.


He laughs at those who said he was done after 2 sets


As a Fed fan I knew Novak was still gonna win lol


Yup I decided I'll believe in Tsitsi only if he was double break up and 40-0 in his last service game in the third.


People never learn


The stuff of legends. To come back from 2 sets to love not once but TWICE in the same tournament including a FINAL is nothing short of legendary and just one of the many reasons why history will remember Djokovic as the greatest of all time. Even more impressive, he lost a total of 6 sets in this tournament but he continued fighting, his resilience in Slams this year has been absolutely unparalleled. It’s giving me shades of Serena’s 2015 season in which she kept crawling from the brink of defeat all year. Grand Slam #19, 2nd French Open title and the second man in history after Rod Laver to win all Grand Slams twice! Yet another unique achievement he has over Federer and Nadal! He is now one Slam away from tying them. Hopefully he will achieve this by the end of the year! Fantastic result for Tsitsipas. He played excellent tennis all clay court season and finally broke through and won a SF and made his first final. Winning 2 sets against a Big 3 member in a Slam final is as good as it gets these days, he realistically wasn’t going to beat someone who was playing in their 29th Grand Slam final. Hopefully he continues his good run of Slam results and doesn’t dip in form at Wimbledon and the US Open.


Holy fuck this may be Novak's most historic achievement. Beating Rafa at his slam and coming back from 2 sets down in the final. Unreal.


It's funny cause I thought his tennis all week was pretty mediocre by his lofty standards, with exception of the semifinal. He really stepped it up when it was necessary.


He did it! The madman.


Stef needs to lose these matches before he's ready to win them. We've seen this story before with Thiem before he won his first slam. Except Stef is more promising at that age. He'll have his time.


I know this sub is very toxic sometimes but man this is the only place I can talk to people about tennis. Cheers 🥂


I’m as big a Federer supporter as you can be, but Novak has definitively surpassed both Rafa and Roger in terms of who’s ahead in the current GOAT race by completing the career double slam. Other biggest factors in his favor: -positive head-to-head record against both -career golden masters -weeks at #1 record Roger will always be my favorite, but it’s indisputable to me that Novak is the pinnacle of this sport. What an incredible win.


This run he had in this French open was unreal, was trailing in the 4th round, beat the GOAT of clay, down 2-0 in the final. Wow.


Was trailing in the 4th round... Not qf He made TWO comebacks from two sets down in this slam. Ridiculous.


2 sets down in the 4th round too


Without a doubt, he's reached levels no one has ever done. And he conquered something that literally seemed impossible, beating Rafa and then winning the FO


Yeah, huge Nadal fan here, but it just seems inevitable that Novak is gonna come out on top when the dust settles. Just got to enjoy the time with the Big 3 while they are still playing at this high level.


Golden masters x2 All slams x2 There’s no argument to be mad when he finishes with the most slams


One more Cincinnati title away from Golden masters x3.


Needs another MC too.


He only has two Monte Carlo titles, right?


Yeah, sorry my bad


One RG title away from Career Grand Slam x3


My first reaction to this was “not likely”. But if you asked me a month ago if you Novak could win The French Open *this year*, I would’ve said no. I always thought Nadal would be the one to get a career double slam if he just won another Australian. When Pete Sampras reached 14, we all thought that would be cemented for 100 years and that we’ve never live to see someone break it. But I really wonder if Djokovic’s records will ever be topped.




One more Cincinnati, Monte carlo, and french open for 3x golden Masters and career grand slam. Edit: needs another Monte Carlo too


Not to mention tied for the most masters 1000s and won 4 slams in a row


His ability to turn into a brick wall when behind is otherworldly. So many times I've witnessed him buy time to find his rhythm while slowly chipping away at his opponent's energy, then when he finds that second wind he just fucking drowns them. Simply one of the most mentally resilient athletes I have ever seen. His mind is a fortress.


Sigh, *upvote*


Djokovic has also beaten the absolute GOAT of clay twice, at Roland Garros. Federer has never done it as far as I remember.


Novak is one of 2 men to beat him, and he's done it twice


Exactly. Novak is the culmination of Federer and Nadal. Came along and was crafted into a machine by having to overcome both of them. Unbelievable player, best ever for sure.


Novak is going down as the goat. The end. Nothing Nadal or Fed fans can say. Dude is the goat. Cemented it this week


Absolute GOAT. GOAT returner. Line painter. *Another career slam wow*. Also, to the people who say mid match Djokovic looks tired; I hope you stop saying that from now on. Tsitsipas, you had us in first half not gonna lie. Onto Grass 🌱


This has to be his most impressive grand slam win… beating Rafa in the semis and coming back from 0-2 down in the final. Legendary stuff


Huge congrats to Djokovic. The man has more mental strength than the rest of the tour combined.


He's too good, Nadal needed to beat him this year for a chance to hold the slam record. Props to Joker, serbs are killing it this year with sports


I really feel for Tsitsipas :( his disappointment is very very obvious


You may like Djokovic or not but this guy is simply ubelievable. We are lucky to watch Roger, Rafa and Djoko competing in the same tennis era!


I remember in 2008, I had chicken Pox & I was lying down on my bed & AO Final was playing on TV. I remember that Songa was the favourite in that match because the manner he beat Nadal in Semi. He won the first set in the final as well, but Then Joker simply dismantled him. Never gave Songa a space to keep his foot on. On that day I became a fan of him. Still going on after 13 years.


As much as I hate to say this, Novak Djokovic is the greatest of all time. He will end up with 24-26 grand slams.


The crazy sunava bitch did it!! 5-set slam specialist came out of that bathroom to start the third set and he never looked back. Stef looks depressed af and he still hasn’t learned how to be gracious in defeat (that handshake might’ve been the coldest I’ve seen in a slam final in a long long time) but that’s totally understandable — he’s got such an obsessed desire to beat one of these legends and get a slam that he can’t take himself out of that mode. But this experience will feed him so much and he’ll get there. Djoko is just from another planet — someone needs to make a little montage video of his run to the title after his statement to a packed crowd in Belgrade II — “and now onwards to the Roland Garros title!!” What a run it was. The stuff of legends.


Don't know if anyone mentioned this. After winning Belgrade open (ATP 250) the week prior to the RG, at the end of the trophy ceremony, Novak roared "Idemo po titulu na Rolan Garosu!" ("Going for the title at RG!"). Man, he wasn't joking! Thank you, Nole! <3


Apart from this skinny Serbian’s GOAT level abilities, skills, consistency, fitness, mentality, achievements etc. on a tennis court, he can even speak Serbian, German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and who the fuck knows how many more despite growing up in a poorer family background compared to Rafael and Roger. Novak Djokovic is literally inspiration personified


Heartbroken for Tsitsipas. He showed so much fight but Djokovic just too good.


He did about as well as you could ask a young player in his first final to do, especially considering who he was facing. It was an incredibly gutsy performance, and I hope he won't beat himself up too much over it the result. I'm sure he's absolutely devastated though.


Scenes. It wasn’t enough to beat Rafa, he had to start with a 2 set handicap. Congrats Nole!




On a positive note for Tsitsi, I look forward to watching him dominate this sport in the futute.


I would be so mad if he had lost today after Nadal match. Thank You Djoker for existing.


Eurosport commentators : I'm not sure Roger and Rafa would've enjoyed this as much as we did. Lmao!!


It's gonna be very hard to argue against Djokovic as the GOAT at this very moment * Won each grand slam at least twice * Winning records against Fed and Nadal * Most weeks at world #1 * Highest peak (2011 or 2015/16) compared to Fed and Nadal * Only argument I can really think against him is having 1 less grand slam, but seems inevitable he will eclipse 20 grand slams


It would take some minor miracle for him not to win an extra 2 GS now. We've already seen it once with the US Open disqualification. He already goes into Wimbledon as the favourite, he could have 20 in a months time. I don't see who beats him aside from an inspired fully fit Federer which is a massive stretch and Federer must have mental scars from 2019.


Most masters as well


This is probably his most important slam ever. Crazy crazy comeback, and vintage performance, but boy does Djoker take years off his fans life.


Dread from it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. Thanovic




Yeah, he appreciates his opponents when they hit some great shots. He just holds himself to some crazy high standards.


Didn't face a break point in the final three sets. Absolutely masterful performance down 0-2.


What a comeback. I wanted to see Nadal win but damn this was a pretty spectacular win for Novak


Madman did it..🥳, broke Nadal curse.. #19.. 2 career GS


I can't even imagine what a loss like this would feel like, but Tsitsi has no reason to be ashamed of his performance today. He's a young player going up against one of the all-time greats, and he pushed him to his limit. It's a heartbreaking loss, but it certainly won't be the last time that we see Tsitsipas on a big stage.


Nadal's always been my boy, and he'll always he the king of clay, but there's no doubt anymore on who the best of all time is.


Osaka decides to not show up to press conferences: Gets criticized. Federer decides to not show up to matches he's likely to lose: Gets criticized. Djokovic decides not to show up to the first two sets of his matches: Becomes goat.


He is the greatest player ever, people need to just stop their biases, he has every area on his résumé covered


It's gonna happen. Novak wins Wimby and ties it up. Ton of hype all summer through hard court swing. Only thing anyone talks about going into the US Open. Then Stan wins.


Lol @ Novak translating himself


What a comeback by Djokovic. He's had a stellar tournament and deserved to win.


NOVAK DJOKOVIC LADIES AND GENTLEMAN MAMBA MENTALITY!!!! IDEMO BRE 19 SECURED!! fair play to tsitsi for a great season on clay, he will lift it one day! Just not yet




Novak has done wonders in this RG First Musetti, then Berrettinni, then Nadal and now here Ombillable. GOAT


I can’t believe I’m crying


Bjorn's hair is still glorious.




He is inevitable.


GOAT y'all


Only one to go now and his spread over different grand slams is surely the most impressive


Undisputed, he fucking acted like it too. Not even a scream when he won, just a calm smile. Dethroned the Clay king and won another FO completing a double slam. TERMINATOR/THANOS LEVEL SHIT


Djokovic is ridiculous. But this proves that Tsitsipas has fight in him. He's no longer a small kid.


As a Greek 42 year old that loved and played tennis in a country that has minimum interest in the sport I can't stop crying for Stefanos. The future is his and the future of Greek tennis (also with Maria) is looking brighter than ever. Πάμε Στέφανε!


I can’t believe he pulled this one out. Winning 19 majors in the era of two other GOAT contenders is just astonishing. He wanted this badly and he was not willing to be denied. Stupendous effort.


He’s the GOAT


I expect Tsitsipas to rise even more within the next years. What a game! Both impressive, and while I am biased because I'm Greek, I loved how Tsitsipas played against the beast.


Down 2 sets against Musetti, down 5 games against Nadal, down 2 sets against Tsitsipas. None of it mattered. Should we crown him the GOAT already, or do we really have to wait for 2 more GS titles?


What an incredible comeback in the final and overall performance for Djokovic during this French Open. The man is a legend.


I. Am. Speechless. Never count Djokovic out. IDGAF what you say.


My man!!


I’m a djokovic fan and over the top he’s won this and gotten his second RG but to the people shitting on tsitsipas for folding or choking, that’s just sad. It’s not like he’s gone out with the intention of losing. He gave it his all.


He did it !!! Fucking madman did it...from 0-2 to 3-2 ! I who believed he will win against Nadal thought he is done here after first two sets..but the balls on him and will never to give up.. so good and so proud of him deserves it !


Being a Djokovic fan is the worst!! This sheez almost gave me a heart attack... And I'm just 25. But Fuck it, he just won da damn TING!!!


I love the contrast of Novak's behavior on and off court. He's just so good at the post match interview. Really gracious and thoughtful in his speeches.


He is very gracious even when he loses, only while the match is going is he really a terminator that seems like he could murder his opponent.




Truly legendary performance.


3h 30 minutes in fourth round. 3h 30 minutes in the quarters. 4h 11 minutes in the semifinal. 4h 11 minutes in the final. AT 34 YEARS OLD ON CLAY. This man is the closest thing a human being has ever come to Thanos. You need to throw EVERYTHING at him in order to have a chance. Yet again, he is inevitable...


What's crazy is if Fed hadn't retired, and Berettini wasn't in the way, Djoker would have probably beaten him (and then beaten Rafa in the same tournament).


Beating Nadal and winning this title was very deserving. We were entertained with some delicious tennis.


Last man of Big 3 to get career slam First man of Big 3 to get double career slam


Djokovic is the GOAT, what a run he had in this French open


This legitimately might be his most impressive GS win ever considering Nadal's clay dominance.


It was over once he switched to the home kit Nole is a Mentality Monster and the undisputed GOAT.


I'm the biggest Nadal fan and today I claim DJOKO TO VE THE GOAT. 🐐🐐🎾 FUCKING EPIC


Идемо бреее


Novak’s fitness at 34 is unreal and truthfully unprecedented. He deserves everything he’s achieved.


GOAT of all Goats! What a monumental achievement!


Damn Novak hit him with the 09 Wimbledon Fed to Roddick. "I know how it feels" check notes 19 slams, Fed at the time 6 Wimbledons


I think Federer is the best human tennis player ever but if we are including aliens, it’s without a question Djokovic. What he did during this tournament is just unreal. Anyone who plays tennis at a semi-competitive level knows and understands this


It was almost eerie, how cool, calm and composed he was even after 2 sets down. I was trying hard to see any hint of fear but I couldn't find any. Dude's on a whole another level mentally.


As a Nadal fan, the loss hurt, but I'm very happy Novak was able to win the championship. It hurts Nadal's GOAT chances...BUT Novak deserves to win RG if he goes through the King of Clay. Congrats! Let's see what Wimbledon brings us next!